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Educational games for 6 to 11 year-olds
Rubik`s Rescue Mission is a beautifully designed online game that makes learning engaging and fun.
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Helps children excel in maths and english
Our games are crafted to help children prepare for 7+, 8+, 11+ and SATS assessments.
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Created by education professionals
This comprehensive game follows a targeted educational programme created by experts.
Gives children the

competitive advantage

We've combined the power of gaming and learning to create an incredibly effective tool that helps children prepare for assessments and exams in a fun and engaging way.

Our games cover the full examination curriculum and also develop key skills such as time management and strategic thinking.

All this learning takes place in an exciting and adventurous world filled with colourful characters, encouragement, incentive and positive reinforcement. Our games will help your child to maximise their potential.

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Watch as they excel at

Maths and English

Our educational games focus on developing your child's key Maths and English skills. The level of difficulty increases as children advance through the game, encouraging them to rise to the challenge, thus boosting their skills, and their confidence.

The games are designed to compliment and reinforce ongoing learning in the classroom or at home. They are a great resource for teachers, parents and tutors.

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Children have

fun while learning

We've focused on making our games fun! The educational content is integrated into an engaging and immersive storyline that has been brought to life with beautiful illustration and animation.

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Games give children instant feedback & rewards
This allows children to learn and improve as they play.
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Monitor progress from a simple dashboard
Teachers, parents, and tutors can keep an eye on children’s progress from an all-in-one dashboard.
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Access across multiple devices
Access your account or the games on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.